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The Start!!

This is the very first article, in writing which i am feeling a bit nervous. Coz for the First time i am writing in what we call a public way. I have been writing diaries, articles for quite a some time but the targeted audience for them was either myself or my very close buddies.. 😛

I decided stating writing blog on one of my mates advise..who probably thought that i need to get rid of pens and papers..coz writing can be done in a more sophisticated manner. So i joined wordpress, set up my blog and here i am!!!

As this is my very first article here right now i just want to explain something about me.

I am a boy,as my mother says, or a grown up man, as my dad says…of 18 and a half years. And if u wanna know my views about myself, i consider myself at a stage somewhat defined between the two stages set up by my parents.

Mom,Dad,two sisters, and me are the ones who constitute my biological family. Besides this, a lot of friends & one special one, also come in the arena of people who matter for me.

Thermodynamically speaking,:P

they are a system for me and the rest universe is surrounding. Definitely, i have an eye for the surrounding activities but they dont really affect me as such.:)


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