School Tuitions: A dark spot on government school education system.

21 Jun

Students or shishyas, went to teachers or gurus. They studied, lived, and grew up under their surveillance to become esteemed personas. In return all they have to pay back was their due services and respect. This was the education system of our India or say ancient India which was unique in the world.

But long gone is the era and long gone is that feel of education.

I passed my 10+2 some 15 months back. And I am in proper contact with many of my school junis. From them only I got to know that the problem which we faced is still prevailing and in fact has increased its grasp over my school. So I decided to start the issue calling for a healthy discussion via my page. I completed 10+2 from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Seoni and my schooling had a very deep grafted impact on me. When we, me and my mates were in class 8th we first heard of coaching’s and tuitions. At that time they were meant for getting an extra edge over other students. To improve my language skills, I also joined one in class 9th. That was a very satisfying experience; learning from Mr. Deepak Singh. We learnt, discussed and improved our communication there.

But you see, things change. At a very fast pace indeed. As we advanced in class 10th and academics became more technical with subjects like mathematics and sciences, we studied harder dropping English coaching. Then out of nowhere an ugly face of commercial tuitions came in front of us. That year in maths we were to get outta 80 marks in theory exam and 20 marks, nearly accounting for 4% was for internals, totally in mercy of our school teacher. I remember the day when he stormed into our class and threatened us for those 20 marks. Next eve, half of class was at his home, each stud carrying 300 bucks in pocket. LMAO!!!

Some people tried to protest. I was also one of ‘em. We sincerely asked him, what ot would take to get those 20 marks. The reply came, “I’m particularly busy at the moment. Why don’t you people also come and meet me in evening?” I lost the hope but still tried for next few days. When he also realized that we are hard nuts, one day he declared, “Get your projects ready!!! They will be evaluated for the 20 marks of internals.”

Then onwards, we poor students, wasting our precious time, energy and hundreds of bucks of money started making project. But what happened on day of submission was horrible and painful. Along with it I felt a rage. Our projects were never looked upon for once. The tuition students got 20 average and we suffered a loss of 7-8 marks.

Image courtsey- sourabh barapatre.

In the following years this practice came under notice of city administration, raids were done, fines were imposed, but with time it all started again with increased efficiency.

Whatever I am today is because of my teachers. I’ve always felt proud saying it. But it is also true that I met some people in my own school that I would love to see behind bars.

PS: Solely opinion. 😛

All I want you people get to is that is it a noble activity to allow such activities to run in our loved schools?

Is it a proper thing for teachers to use their knowledge and power as an evaluator to suck money?

What happened is past. But what lie ahead is a future full of possibilities. I appeal with all my regard to all the teachers of my school, my city and my state to teach students with responsibility. And not to sell student’s parents out who earn working very hard.


  • No harm intended to anybody. I clearly state, as in my case it is fictious. Hope you get it.whatever I’ve written is my strict personal opinion, nothing is objective. 😛
  • I would love a healthy discussion down under the article. You can agree or disagree freely.

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6 responses to “School Tuitions: A dark spot on government school education system.

  1. Anshul WAnkhede

    June 21, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    I m totally agree wid the things said above. This was my personal experience in the same skol discussed above,,

  2. Siddharth Tamrakar

    June 22, 2011 at 6:55 am

    That’s true i also suffered by this problem …….we are the only one who can raise our voice about this shameful crime …………

    • Girish Singh Thakur

      June 22, 2011 at 7:47 am

      Hmm…true dude…start trying at your level….guide your junis….

  3. Triumph~Fleck~On~Moon

    June 22, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    good topic ,…
    n i agree with u deaR !!


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