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21 Jul

Majority must be asleep. I am really astonished why my li’ll brain start working only when it’s time for it to sleep. :/
3:26 AM.
Hmm…I don’t know why I am again here, probably after a considerable time. OMG!!! I really forgot last time when I attended to my blog’s call. These days are really proving me busy.
I am sure, not necessarily all of you, but at least most of you must have experienced this. Sometimes we are that much busy, that we can’t even make out for meals, but if at night, or after night, as me, you think, staring at the roof above that what truly useful you did last day, you probably don’t have an answer.
This is a waste. I mean when we were kids, and if ever we wondered that of what use we were to this planet, our parents used to tell us, “You are a kid, boy. You will be definitely when you’ll be grown up.” Now, we’ve grown up. It would be silly to ask this to parents at this age, so I am asking you people, Are we of any use?
From my pov, if we see, we are in a college, utilising resources, obviously paying for them, in a search of a good job or a secure place in some reputed PG programme. After 3 or 4 years, when most of folks of my age must be capable of earning, the prime focus would be on earning, eating and living a life which is at no par less than any other man’s. After sometime from that time, we all will be in a position of our parents, befooling the next generation to run as fast as they can in this rat race. Fish. What does it all mean!
Is it all what we call ambitions? Studying for 25 years and earning blindfolded for next 30 years? Then becoming a persona which dissolves away in the crowd of millions? Is that for what we all are made? To add one more question to this crap, “Isn’t there is a need to discover us? Real us? Real purpose? Real ambitions? Real thoughts?”

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