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Exams have been heavy. Wake up when half of the day has already passed and study till the rest of the world gets up the next day and repeat. In between, there are loads and loads of frustrating, depressing and demotivating moments. Moments when the thoughts scenario ranges from understanding the subject you have been studying to realising what a waste of life it is to devote a month in exams. 🙂
Well, in between again, several things also go along. Tweeting every few minutes and being online on Facebook for every moment you are awake. Breaks, which are bigger in time dimension than the actual study periods tells that you are doing your engineering correct. 😀
So, it happened like this. It was software engineering paper and everybody was frustrating to the marks. As usually happens in a boy’s hostel, everybody was sitting together in a room, with the “Bakar” session going on.
I was sitting holding book while reading nothing at all, just like others. Occasionally, now and then, somebody will say something and will try to make the atmosphere lighter.
Suddenly, a “bhai” from the room adjacent came shouting,
“Bhai, ma c*** di. Abe vo chutiya fir se vo first year wali ke sath pic upload kia be”
And as usual, he got mixed responses.
“Kaun be? Bandi ka naam kya hai?”
“Abe to thik hai na, jee raha hai apni zindagi, jee lene do”
“Haan yaar bhai, aese kya, tumko kya chulla hai” I also added.
The dude who just entered was taken aback from the unexpected responses. Usually, everybody would have cheered or said random or funny things which would have killed the next few minutes before everybody would have returned again to their books. 😛
“Nahi be, tum samajh nahi rahe ho, pic kholo aur caption padho” He said.
So, everybody peeked at the nearby laptop and one dude searched for the pic.
“Abe mere me add nahi hai, tu kar ke dekh”
So, another dude came and logged in and finally made the picture available.
“Yes, a girl and a guy can be just friends. Forever.” The caption said.
Peeking through the heads, I saw a young beautiful girl standing with the guy who was the topic of discussion. Once everybody saw the picture, random thoughts started coming in.
“Abe behen hogi” 😛
“Abe kat gaya hoga, aur kya likhega fir” Another suggested that the guy in the picture must have been friendzoned.
I was, as always listening to the random thoughts. Of all the people in the room, I was the one who knew that guy most. I forgot to mention, seeing the caption of the pic, my immediate response was a smile. Because I knew that the guy in the picture, was not of type who would wish to remain “just friends” with a girl. He was the one of the type “Bhai, ek ladki dila de”. LOL. And so, before any more comments came, I said, “Bhai logo, bohot bure haal se nikla hai vo abhi, let it go” and so everybody moved to discuss how harassing a surname PADUKONE is. 😀

Post Script:

Guys and girls out there. It is now an era when even the first year kids entering an engineering college well know the meaning of friendship and the difference between friends and attention seekers. So, if you shout “Bhai ek ladki dila de” in pubic quite often, don’t upload pics on social networking media carrying a caption “Friends” when you eventually find one. This may drive your respect to all time low levels. Because friendship doesn’t require any captions. 😀


All the thoughts, characters, events and the whole sole article is work of pure imagination. Read to laugh. Keep calm and keep studying. 🙂

Another Note:

Site has been de-indexed from search engines. Reasons many. Site is well alive and running. Thank you for your honest reviews, opinions and kindly shares. Means a lot. 🙂

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