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Missing Real Bad.

Missing something, someone is a part of everybody’s world.

Hard you try, hard it becomes. Hard to remember, hard to forget. Inevitably, at one or other point, someone come, who make you miss him/her for the rest of your life. Generally what people do  is to capture those images so deep, that they become blurred with the strokes of time. But blurring is only illusional, as there is nothing as ‘erasable’ in this little globe of human feelings.

Now it is a long time since I came in Indore. I also missed my home, my little group of people that were meaning of life to me. Time flew, I am no abnormal or extraordinary guy, no abnormal or extraordinary human, I also eventually started moving on. It was a year before It took me to get that why I am here. I missed that little world, of course. Everybody does.

I would cry. Sometimes. But guys are not supposed to cry. They are not supposed to be weak. But to be truthful, I was in love then. Or whatever they call it. Yes, it’s better, not love, but whatever they call it. Reason being, that I haven’t figured it out yet. Neither do I want to. So I would not cry because I missed them. I cried because I imagined them crying. Time flew. Again.

New world, new people, new things, new chores, new days, new festivals, new birthdays, new evenings, new outings, new songs, new movies, new clothes, new roads, new squares, new trees, new birds, new things, new people, new world,…new me.

I missed them, they missed me too. I miss them still, and they miss me too. But out of all, I always wonder why I can’t sleep. Why I can’t eat. Why I can’t sing, I can’t listen.

Its always dark that’s appealing. It lets you to identify yourself. Within yourself. Brightness always blind. Dark came, I went with it. Decide that you will find and you always find. It is me. Sad but fact. It is me that I miss the most. It is myself that I lost with this time. I miss being me, true me, the silent observer. This being my case.

I ask you. Whom do u miss the most? Your family? Your love? Your life that was so simple once? Or yourself?

A long time since last time I penned something. Things  were keeping max out of me busy. First of all a hearty thanks to the subscribers, visitors, and critics of the page. Your comments and likes are the most valuable rewards.

                                                                From two days before, when I decided to finally again write something, I was pretty sure that the upcoming one would not be in the dark. But then today only I realised, dark is easy to depict, to narrate, as it is not very difficult to find. 😀

So, apologies to everyone who adviced not to write like a dukhi aatma. 😀


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